Sue Cullen

Director of Universal Design & IT Accessibility

As a senior member of the Tech for All (TFA) team, Sue leads consulting projects for a wide spectrum of industries, including technology corporations, educational institutions, publishing, and government.  Sue meets with clients to conduct needs analysis and select the appropriate TFA team to meet the needs of customers in a streamlined and cost-efficient manner. Her areas of expertise include web evaluations, document accessibility, and enterprise accessibility strategic planning. 

Sue has over 20 years of experience in digital accessibility compliance. She has extensive experience in the evaluation  of web and software applications for conformance with the accessibility standards and usability best practices.  Sue organizes customized role based individual and group training for Web Developers, UX/UI Designers, Quality Control Tester, Document Creators, Compliance Officer, Leadership, Procurement, and Legal teams. Sue created and was the Program Manager of the Universal Design Center at the California State University at Northridge. Her team evaluated websites and mobile devices for accessibility compliance and usability.  She was also a Disability Services Counselor in higher education specialized in accommodation services and assistive technology while also teaching in the College of Education, Special Ed Dept.   Sue is highly involved with EDUCAUSE, a nonprofit association and the largest community of technology, academic, industry, and campus leaders, dedicated to advancing higher education through the use of IT. In addition to being a current member, she is a former co-chair of the EDUCAUSE IT Accessibility Constituency Group, and has published in the EDUCAUSE Review, whose contributed content offers practical advice and guidance, interactive elements, and multimedia about managing and using information resources in higher education.  She is a frequent presenter on strategic business planning for accessibility compliance at conferences, including the international CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, Accessing Higher Ground, EDUCAUSE.

Sue’s core values include defining inclusivity and accessibility as one and the same.  She values the contributions of all and believes all individuals should have the opportunity to benefit from the full programs and services throughout an organization without accessibility barrier limitations.  Removing barriers and embracing differences we provide the opportunity to benefit from individuals’ many and varied talents. 

Sue holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from State University of New York at Albany, a MS in Information Resource Management and a Certificate in Information Systems / Telecommunications Management from Syracuse University.

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