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Tech for All is an authority on helping companies ensure their technology is inclusive. For over 20 years, we’ve been at the forefront of solving the most complex software and hardware inclusion challenges. We are pioneers who contributed to the creation of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Amendment Act of 1998. Today, we continue to help organizations identify the applicable standards for their products or services. We provide the technical assessments and guidance necessary to achieve a truly accessible experience for all users.

In addition to being skilled experts, our team includes several members living with disabilities themselves — a key element in understanding barriers and developing strategies that others miss. As your partner, we’ll guide you as you optimize your technology, mitigate risk, respond to external pressures, and teach you how to embed accessible design into your business processes.

We help companies who need to conform to standards or strive to create more meaningful and inclusive technology experiences for all individuals.

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Tech for All’s Accessibility Compliance and Universal Design Services

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Kiosk & Self Service Systems

We are the authorities on kiosk accessibility. Services include providing design direction for kiosks, standalone products, point-of-sale, and transaction terminals.

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Web, Mobile, and Multiplatform Applications

Services include comprehensive, user-focused accessibility evaluations (including kiosk, web, mobile, content, multimedia, and interactives) with deliverables such as VPATs, letters of attestation of compliance, and remediation guidance as part of detailed audit reports.

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Planning and Strategy

We help organizations build sustainable business processes to meet strategic goals in support of usability and accessibility compliance based upon best practices and legal precedent.

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Services include customized, role-based training that enables teams to proactively address accessibility issues as part of their everyday work habits and responsibilities. 

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Legal and Risk Assessment

As a respected authority in the field of accessibility compliance, we provide risk assessment and expert testimony, and monitor remediation efforts as a neutral third party.

Computer and Kiosk

Tech for All offers guidance to achieve conformance with:

  • ADA
  • Air Carrier Access Act
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1
  • Revised Section 508 Accessibility Standards
  • 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act
  • International Standards

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Tech for All: Empowering Businesses on the Path to Accessibility

Inclusivity isn’t just a virtue; it’s a requirement in today’s digital era. It sets the stage for a digital landscape where every interaction is effortless, fully inclusive, and user-friendly. This landscape is the end goal of digital accessibility—an ongoing mission to build websites, applications, and digital resources accessible to all, including those with disabilities. 

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