Planning and Strategy

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The TFA team can help organizations develop a plan to support business process reengineering and strategic decision making in support of usability and accessibility compliance. Our team can share best practices in this area and information about models that have proven to be successful.

Institutional executive leadership and planning is needed to support an organization’s ability to meet the accessibility compliance guidelines associated with disability legislation. TFA helps clients deliver accessible meaningful experiences to its customers who are living with disabilities. It is important to establish clear goals and expectations outlined in an accessibility policy that is consistent with the outcomes of current compliance related legal cases as well as best practices and compliance guidelines.

Overview of areas TFA can help your company build sustainable business processes to meet strategic goals:

  • Develop an Accessibility Policy which outlines the shared institutional responsibility
  • Develop customized accessibility compliance recommendations for business processes and strategies planning
  • Assist in prioritizing efforts to meet accessibility policies, best practices and guidelines
  • Develop an “Accessibility Roadmap” for conformance of products & services
  • Define roles and responsibly in positions that are necessary to support accessibility compliance
  • Develop institutional role based professional development plan for employees
  • Identify areas of potential business process accessibility gaps
  • Develop monitoring processes for software and web design and development life cycles
  • Develop a mechanism for users to report problems while using an institution’s information communication technology product or services and obtain necessary accessibility related information and assistance
  • Develop policy and procedure for accessibility conformance of 3rd party products and services